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Tipps für deinen Landausflug

If you visit Lanzarote during a cruise, you usually have only a few hours to explore the island. What the heck should you look at?

The best solution to cover as many highlights as possible: Rent a car and make an individual road trip across the small island.

Book a rental car through Cicar

I recommend booking the rental car in advance through Cicar. The Canarian provider is located directly at the cruise port in Arrecife – less than 5 minutes walk from the ship.

However, since the pickup rush can be large, you should either go very early, i.e. directly when the ship has docked, or 2-3 hours after docking. From about €50 you can get a decent small car for the day. Depending on the distance traveled, you will then have to pay another €10-20 for the fuel.

But where should the journey go now? Here are my recommendations for your trip across the island:

Jameos del Agua

Lanzarote is characterized by the synergy of nature and art. Here the name César Manrique is omnipresent, as the artist and architect has strongly influenced the sights of the island. Among them is the art and cultural site Jameos del Agua, built in natural lava caves.

In addition to a concert hall and a restaurant, it also houses a salt lake that is home to a species of albino crab that is unique in the world. For the entrance fee you pay €9.50 per person and for the visit you should plan a little over an hour.

Cueva de los Verdes

A few hundred meters from Jameos del Agua is the entrance to the Cueva de los Verdes lava tube. The one-hour walk is allowed only with a guide and also costs €9.50 per person. Tours start approximately every 15 minutes and are given in English and Spanish only.

At the end of the tour there is a surprising WOW effect for the visitors. Stay tuned.

Mirador del Rio

The Mirador del Rio, also designed by César Manrique, is a viewing platform in the far north of Lanzarote. This is located at an altitude of 400 meters and provides a beautiful view of the 8th of the Canary Islands La Graciosa.

The entrance to the platform costs €5 per person. This offers, in addition to the view, a restaurant with delicious cakes and coffee. A small snack in between in a great atmosphere.

Jardín de Cactus

Those interested in botany or specifically cacti could still stop by the Jardín de Cactus, another of Manrique’s works. This is a botanical garden that houses nearly 1,400 species of cacti. For €5.50 per person, you can stroll around the cactus paradise.

Timanfaya National Park

In the southwest of the island is the Timanfaya National Park. It is about 30 minutes away from the port by car. The park is characterized by its volcanic landscape that lacks vegetation and is dominated by black lava fields and red glowing mountains. The entrance fee is € 10 per adult.

Lanzarote Tagestour für Kreuzfahrtgäste8 Stunden49€
Timanfaya Südtour für Kreuzfahrtgäste5 Stunden33€
Landausflug Jameos del Agua & Nordseite der Insel 3 Stunden29€
Geführte Vulkan-Buggy-Tour2,5 - 3,5 Stundenab 130€ pro 2er-Gruppe
Tagestour zu den Highlights der Insel 8 Stunden65€
book a cruise to the Canary Islands with AIDA.
7 days from €545 per person

Overview map of Lanzarote

In the following map you have an overview of the sights I mentioned. Since the island is quite small, the distances are manageable, so you can really make a lot of stops. Now you can create your own route at your convenience.

I hope my tips will help you plan your shore excursion in Lanzarote.

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