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Mein Schiff 5 Restaurants

A cruise is coming up and what do we want to know first? Of course, which food is available there. An important question that requires a detailed answer.

Therefore, in this article there is all the important information about the restaurants on the Mein Schiff 5, on which I was 7 days in the Orient.

Mein Schiff 5

The Mein Schiff fleet belongs to TUI Cruises and currently consists of seven ships. In 2016, Mein Schiff 5 was put into service. It can accommodate up to 2,534 passengers, who are served meals in 11 restaurants and bistros.

What makes TUI Cruises special is its “Premium All Inclusive” concept. Many branded and coffee drinks, cocktails, beers and wines are included in the cruise fare – unlike other shipping companies.

However, the term “all-inclusive” is not to be taken quite literally. Extremely exclusive drinks such as champagne or expensive wines are nevertheless only available for an additional charge. Likewise, there are restaurants on Mein Schiff 5 that are chargeable, but you don’t have to make use of them.

An overview of the restaurant and bistro offerings on Mein Schiff 5:

Included in the tour price are

#1 Buffet Restaurant Anckelmannsplatz

#2 Buffet restaurant Gosch-Sylt

#3 Backstube

#4 Service restaurant Atlantik Klassik

#5 Service restaurant Atlantik Mediterran

#6 Bosporus Snack bar

#7 Tag und Nacht Bistro

#8 Eisbar

Partly included, partly for an extra charge is #9 Osteria – Pizza e Pasta.

And completely chargeable are

#10 Surf & Turf – Steakhouse & Barbecue Tables

#11 Hanami – By Tim Raue

#12 Schmankerl

Here is a tabular overview of the restaurants including opening hours and menus if available.

Restaurants auf der Mein Schiff 5

Anckelmannsplatz7-21:30 Uhr
Gosch-Sylt12-14 Uhr, 18-21:30 UhrKlick hier
Backstube6-21:30 Uhr
Atlantik Klassik7:30-10 Uhr, 18-21:30 UhrKlick hier
Atlantik Mediterran7:30-10 Uhr, 12-14 Uhr (nur an Seetagen),
18-21:30 Uhr
Klick hier
Bosporus Snackbar12-18:00 Uhr (wetterabhängig)
Tag und Nacht Bistro6-12 Uhr, 12-22 Uhr, 22-5 Uhr
Eisbar10-18 Uhr
Osteria - Pizza e Pasta12-14:30 Uhr, 18-22:30 UhrKlick hier
Surf & Turf - Steakhouse12-14 Uhr, 18:00-22 UhrKlick hier
Barbecue Grilltische18:00-22 Uhr (wetterabhängig)Klick hier
Hanami – By Tim Raue7:30-11 Uhr, 12-14 Uhr (Tagesabhängig),
18:00-22 Uhr
Klick hier
Schmankerl12-14:00 Uhr (Tagesabhängig),
15:30-16:30 Uhr Kaffeekarte, 18:00-22 Uhr
Klick hier
Book a relaxing trip with Mein Schiff 5. Cruises in the Mediterranean, Asia or the Orient you are spoiled for choice.
7 days from €1,119 per person incl. flight, On board all inclusive

#1 Buffet Restaurant Anckelmannsplatz

The offer in the buffet restaurant Anckelmannsplatz is versatile. There is a colorful mix of national and international dishes.

At the wok station, you can put together your own Asian dishes as you like. In the Ganz schön Gesund corner, nutrition-conscious guests will find what they are looking for, and the kids also have their own child-friendly buffet. No wishes should remain unfulfilled.

My favorite: the coffee and cake time at 3pm. The selection of cakes, pies and pastries is overwhelming. In addition, the offer changes daily. For example, there was cheesecake every day – but always in a different form. A dream for me as a cheesecake junkie. My mother, on the other hand, was delighted with the eclair flavors that changed daily. The cake buffet is a real highlight!

#2 Buffet Restaurant Gosch-Sylt

The Gosch-Sylt Buffet Restaurant is located in the rear part of the ship and is directly neighbouring the Anckelmannsplatz Buffet Restaurant. There is an abundant choice of cold and hot fish and seafood dishes. From shrimp and baked fish to salmon and maties, fish lovers will enjoy the buffet. At least we did it to the fullest.

For an extra charge, you can also get more exclusive dishes, such as lobster and caviar. You can see the exact dishes and corresponding prices here.

My tip: Keep your eyes open for special daily deals. During our trip, there was a one-time caviar buffet offered free of charge to passengers.

My favorites at Gosch-Sylt: shrimp in garlic sauce and the mango crème brûlée.

#3 Backstube

In the bakery, which is located directly in front of the entrance to the Anckelmannsplatz Restaurant, you can get ready-made or made-to-order rolls and paninis. Depending on the time of day, there are also various cakes and pastries on hand. The bakery is perfect for the small hunger in between or also a typical German evening meal.

My favorites: The artisan bread and the paninis.

#4 Service Restaurant Atlantic Klassic

The Atlantic Klassic with its course menus is one of the two service restaurants included on Mein Schiff 5.

Unlike most other shipping companies, TUI Cruises does not have fixed meal times and seating arrangements in the service restaurants. This has both advantages and disadvantages. This way you have more flexibility, but if you are unlucky, the restaurant is full and you have to eat somewhere else or wait.

In addition, you have a different waiter every night, so personal contact and getting to know each other is lost. For most people, however, these “disadvantages” are unlikely to play a role.

Breakfast at Atlantic Klassic

For breakfast at Atlantik Klassik, you can choose between the classic buffet, which you can also get in a similar way at Anckelmannsplatz, and freshly prepared dishes such as omelets, pancakes, or French toast on request. Here is the menu.

Lunch at Atlantic Klassic

At lunch, the restaurant prepares a 4-course menu, which you can choose from a variety of dishes. Here is a sample menu.

Dinner at Atlantic Klassic

In the evening a 5-course menu is served. Here, too, you can choose the dishes from different menus as desired. Those who like can also order more or less than 5 dishes, depending on hunger and preference. This is not a problem at all! Feel free to try anything you like (as long as you don’t waste food unnecessarily). Take a look at a sample menu of the dinner menu here.

My conclusion about the Atlantic Klassic: OK

Compared to the course menu at Royal Caribbean, the Atlantic Klassic unfortunately scores lower. I may have been too spoiled by then. Fewer courses would possibly improve the quality of each dish. In addition, in the service restaurant you have to bring much more time. You spend one and a half to two hours there at least.

It’s much faster in the buffet restaurant and I actually liked the food there better than in the Atlantik Klassik. In a few words: Not overwhelming, but okay.

My favorites: None that stood out for me…unfortunately.

#5 Service Restaurant Atlantic Mediterran

In the Atlantik Mediterran Restaurant, guests can expect a similar concept to the Atlantik Klassik. However, the cuisine – who would have thought – is focused on Mediterranean dishes. What is striking here is the cozy interior: the furniture is colorful and inviting. And I also liked the food at Atlantik Mediterran – much better than at Atlantik Klassik.

Breakfast at the Atlantic Mediterran looks basically the same as it does at the Klassic.

An exemplary lunch at Atlantik Mediterran looks like this: Click.

A 5-course menu is also served here for dinner.

The menus are really only to be seen as examples. Except for breakfast, the menus vary daily.

My favorites at Atlantic Mediterran: the lobster ravioli and the panna cotta.

#6 Bosporus Snackbar

Bosphorus Snackbar has one of the best kebabs I’ve ever had. What makes it so particularly delicious? The homemade pita bread.

In addition to the kebab, the snack bar also offers falafel and fries, as well as toppings and sauces of your choice, such as guacamole, which is also highly recommended.

My favorite: The Döner Kebab.

#7 Tag und Nacht Bistro

In the Tag und Nacht Bistro (Day and Night Bistro) you can actually get various snacks and small meals throughout the day and night, which vary depending on the time of day. Here we have a typical fast food menu: Burgers, fries and currywurst. Everything that is unhealthy but makes you happy quickly.

My favorites: Nothing. I have not tried it.

#8 Eisbar

In the Eisbar, which is located right next to the pool, ice cream is served to the guests – how could it be otherwise. The range extends from classic varieties such as vanilla and chocolate to unusual flavors such as sambuca, chocolate-chili orange or roasted almonds. And you also get the delicious ice cream for free. This makes the Eisbar an absolute highlight on board.

For those with a real sweet tooth, there are even fresh waffles and crêpes that can be enhanced with various toppings such as sprinkles and caramel sauce. A foodie’s paradise!

My ice cream favorites: Cinnamon and Roasted Almonds.

#9 Osteria – Pizza e Pasta

The Osteria is an Italian service restaurant that serves made-to-order pizza and pasta specialties. Here you get some dishes for free, but most of them only for a quite humane surcharge. Take a look at the menu here to see what’s waiting for you.

My verdict: Here you get a good pizza.

Let’s now move on to the paid restaurants on board Mein Schiff 5.

#10 Surf & Turf – Steakhouse

The Surf & Turf Steakhouse offers an exclusive selection of grilled specialties such as beef tenderloin, Iberico pork, Wagyu meat and even langoustine tail. So the finest of the finest. A look at the menu can be found here.


The barbecue grill tables are part of the Surf & Turf Steakhouse, but you can create your own individual 3-course menu at a fixed price of €38.90 per person. Here you sit in the outdoor area of the restaurant in smaller groups at barbecue tables and are cooked by a private chef. So you get an even more exclusive and private experience.

#11 Hanami – By Tim Raue

At Hanami, guests can expect Far Eastern cuisine created by Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue. The menu features sushi, curry and duck, as well as a small dessert selection. Prices are overall humane and definitely cheaper than on land. The location of the restaurant in the nobly designed rear of the ship makes dinner a great experience.

#12 Schmankerl

The Schmankerl restaurant serves specialties from the Alpine region – means Bavarian-Austrian. The menu offers Tafelspitz (boiled beef), Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn (“Bavarian pancakes”) – everything you’d expect from a hearty meal. Also here the prices are cheaper than in the home country.

So if you’re in the mood for the various specialties, you can try your way through the restaurants that require a co-pay with a clear conscience. You save compared to the prices at home. However, this is not necessary, because the inclusive restaurants are really great and leave hardly anything to be desired. Everyone can decide for themselves according to their mood and budget.

Kreuzfahrten mit Mein Schiff

Südeuropa & Mittelmeer7 Tageab 969€ pro Person
Kanaren7 Tageab 599€ pro Person
Westeuropa7 Tageab 899€ pro Person
Orient7 Tageab 549€ pro Person
Nordland & Großbritannien7 Tageab 829€ pro Person
Mittelamerika & Karibik14 Tageab 1.199€ pro Person
Asien14 Tageab 1.299€ pro Person

If you have any questions about the Mein Schiff 5, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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