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AIDAnova Top 5 Highlights

A length of 337 meters, 20 decks, 17 restaurants and an extensive entertainment offer – but only 7 days to discover everything on the AIDAnova. Where to start?

Don’t panic on the Tita… uh Nova. Here are my top 5 highlights that you shouldn’t miss on the AIDAnova because they are just crazy fun or mega delicious.

#1 Time Machine Restaurant

The very first highlight is a successful mix of entertainment and culinary delights. At the so-called “Dinner Time Travel” in the Time Machine Restaurant, not only delicious food is served; you are also entertained with a show at the same time. The theme of the show is Atlantis, which is reflected in both the décor and the crew’s costumes. That alone is great to look at.

The show is aimed primarily at children, but this does not mean that adults cannot enjoy themselves as well. Still, the real highlight for me was the food. The 3-course menu served was not only a visual hit, but also extremely tasty.

The 19.90 € p.p. including drinks is money well spent if you simply want to experience a different evening. So if there are still places available: Go for it!

Small tip: Reserve already before the trip to be on the safe side.

#2 Lasershow

I really didn’t expect that a “simple” laser show could fascinate me so much. But AIDA proved me wrong: they can be pretty awesome.

The laser shows in the Theatrium, which last about 5 minutes, are often shown after a performance and are also noted in the daily program booklet, which is available every day, so that you are informed about the show times in advance.

I watched the show three times and wish I could have watched it more. Unfortunately, the Theatrium always fills up very quickly and seats are rare. However, if you have the opportunity and can get a seat, enjoy the impressive laser show.

I still get goosebumps when I watch the videos of it. That the mix of music and lighting effects can trigger such emotions… just terrific!

#3 Nashville

Let’s stay in theatrium and emotions #softiealarm.

At the live rock concert Nashville – Just good music, the AIDA stars show what they are capable of musically. Presented are well-known American rock songs that won’t keep you on the edge of your seat. Thanks to a parallel running LED lettering, you can even sing along, even if you don’t know the songs that well.

The show is just fun and invites you to party. So go there, watch & dance!

#4 Market restaurant

The variety of restaurants on the AIDAnova is huge. From buffet restaurants, specialty restaurants to snacks, sushi and steakhouse – you’re spoiled for choice.

Despite many good restaurants, such as the French Kiss or Casa Nova, I still have to bring out the universally known and loved AIDA Market restaurant as a highlight.

It may be a bustling buffet restaurant where leisurely and extended dining is difficult, but the food on offer is simply smashing. I especially love that there are plenty of dish variations every evening, so you can always discover something new.

Of course, you should try some other restaurants and savor all the variety on board; but whether for breakfast or dinner, the market restaurant is indeed always a good choice.

#5 Water slides at Four Elements

Water slides on a cruise ship – sounds wacky, it is. On the AIDAnova there are 3 at once, which is quite clever to accommodate the passenger number of 6000 people and to avoid too long queues. In my experience, this also works quite well.

And no, the slides aren’t just for the little ones; they’re fun for the grown-ups, too. See me and my dad. At the age of 56, he was on a water slide for the first time and was as excited as a little kid. So don’t be shy: get in line behind the kiddies and pick up a few seconds of thrills and fun. It’s worth it!

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