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AIDAnova Restaurants
Öffnungszeiten und Preise

On the AIDAnova, thanks to the large offer, hardly any culinary wishes remain unfulfilled. However, it is difficult to keep track of the many restaurants. Which restaurants are included in the tour price and in which ones do I have to pay and how much? And what are the opening hours in the restaurants?

Here comes a simple overview, so you don’t have to google forever.

A small tip for the mobile view: Hold the smartphone horizontally to have a better view of the tables.

Buffet-Restaurants: Speisen und Getränke inklusive

ca. 7-11 Uhr
ca. 12:30-14 Uhr
ca. 18-22 Uhr
Bella Donna
Deck 6, Italienisch
East Restaurant
Deck 6, Asiatisch
Fuego Restaurant
Deck 16, Familie
Markt Restaurant
Deck 5, Saisonal / Deutsch
Yachtclub Restaurant
Deck 7, Maritim / Deutsch

The time indications should be taken with caution. Depending on whether it is a sea or land day, times may vary slightly.

The usual German coffee and cake time of 3 – 4 p.m. has not been fully inclusive for some time and is no longer served in the buffet restaurants. Instead, you get your free piece of cake served at designated bars from about 2:30 – 4 p.m., though you have to pay for the accompanying coffee. Those who have booked a beverage package, on the other hand, get their coffee free of charge.

Spezialitäten-Restaurants: Speisen inklusive, Getränke gegen Aufpreis

Best Burger @ Sea
Deck 7, Burger & Pommes
7-22:00 UhrSpeisekarte
Deck 8, Bayerisches & Bier
Frühstück, Mittag, AbendessenSpeisekarte
French Kiss
Deck 7, Französisch
Frühstück, Mittag, AbendessenSpeisekarte
Deck 7, Fischspezialitäten
Abendessen ab ca. 18 UhrSpeisekarte
Casa Nova
Deck 8, Venezianisch
Abendessen ab ca. 18 UhrSpeisekarte

Since you have to pay extra for drinks in the specialty restaurants (all drinks, including water), the question arises, of course, what they cost on average. Therefore, here are a few common drinks with prices:


Wasser 0,25l
Wasser 0,7l
ca. 6€
Coca-Cola 0,2l2,50€
Bier 0,33lØ 3,50€

A-La-Carte-Restaurants: Speisen und Getränke gegen Aufpreis

Churrascaria Steakhouse
Deck 8, Grillspezialitäten
Frühstück, AbendessenSpeisekarte
Deck 6, Gourmet-Restaurant
Sushi House
Deck 6, Japanisch
an Seetagen auch mittags
Teppanyaki Asia Grill
Deck 6, Asiatisch
Mittagessen, AbendessenSpeisekarte Mittag
Speisekarte Abend
Time Machine Restaurant
Deck 6, Dinner-Show
Abendessenab 25€, Speisekarte
Deck 7, Kochkurse
ab 18 Uhrca. 70€

Street Food Meile: Essen gratis, Getränke gegen Aufpreis

Brot und Stulle
Deck 7, Belegte Brote & Baguettes
ab 6:30 Uhr
Deck 7
Mittagessen, Abendessen
Scharfe Ecke
Deck 7, Currywurst
Mittagessen, Abendessen

This overview should hopefully help you find your way around the huge AIDAnova. Have fun trying out the different restaurants!

Kreuzfahrten mit der AIDAnova

Nordeuropa7 Tageab 499€ pro Person
Ostsee7 Tageab 699€ pro Person

Kreuzfahrten mit der neuen AIDAcosma

Westliches Mittelmeer7 Tageab 499€ pro Person
Kanaren & Madeira7 Tageab 449€ pro Person
Transreisen7 Tageab 745€ pro Person
Book an exciting trip with the AIDAnova. Whether European metropolises or the Baltic Sea here you will surely find what you are looking for.
7 days from €545 per person

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