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AIDAnova Kreuzfahrt Fazit

The AIDAnova is the newest and largest ship in the AIDA fleet and at the same time the first of its kind in the world thanks to LNG propulsion. Accordingly, interest in the ocean liner is high. But is that actually justified? Is the hype real?

My previous posts looked at the Nova’s restaurant and entertainment offerings and highlighted the pros and cons of the cruise ship. But what is my final conclusion? Is the trip with the AIDAnova worth it?

Short and painless: YES

Now in more detail: It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea to cruise around the sea with 6000 other passengers. As with pretty much everything, it’s simply a matter of taste: some like the small, homey ships where you meet the same people every day and can make new acquaintances if necessary. Others, however, prefer the large, anonymous ships with lavish entertainment offerings. You hardly ever run into someone there a second time – to put it a bit exaggeratedly.

I belong to the second type of person. I don’t need that familiar feeling with the other passengers. For me, the variety of offers and the equipment of the ship count; right after the route, which is always criterion No. 1.

The AIDAnova is too crowded?

If you are worried that the ship is totally crowded and there is no quiet place to relax, don’t worry. The passengers are spread out really well.

Of course, there are busy times in the restaurants and the Theatrium, where it does get crowded and bustling. However, this is also the case on other ships and also in hotel facilities on land. Who remains a little flexible, travels best.

Some public areas, such as the Theatrium, are actually far too small for the number of passengers. If you show up late in the evening, your chances of getting a seat are almost non-existent. So you just have to stay relaxed and find an alternative for the evening.

Overall, however, the AIDAnova is definitely a beautiful ship with outstanding culinary offerings, good entertainment, adequate splash and relaxation areas, and tasteful furnishings.

If you are aware of the disadvantages of the ship (many people, anonymous and not individual) and adjust your expectations accordingly, you can spend a nice vacation here, which is also really cheap for what is offered.

Would I travel with the AIDAnova again?

YES AND NO. Generally, I prefer to get to know new ships. Traveling twice with the same steamer? Rather reluctantly. The range of ships on offer today is too diverse for that. My curiosity is simply greater. However, if the route appeals to me, I would not hesitate to travel again with the AIDAnova.

Book an exciting trip with the AIDAnova. Whether European metropolises or the Baltic Sea here you will surely find what you are looking for.
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